How Communication Has Changed Completely in Just 10 Years


In years gone by, we were pretty limited in the ways that we could communicate. It was only relatively recently in human history that we were even able to write things down- up until then, the only way to communicate was face-to-face. While this article won’t be delving back that far, we are going to be exploring some of the numerous ways that communication has changed within our own lifetimes. The cultural climate today has become virtually unrecognizable compared to even 25 years ago, and a lot of that is down to how much easier it is to communicate. Trends are picked up and dropped quicker than ever, as consumers can instantly move on to the next big thing the second they get bored. But how did we reach this point? Let’s limit ourselves to the past ten years or so, and examine some of the main ways that the communications revolution has come about.

In the last ten years, the biggest change we have seen to communication is that it has become a lot more immediate. Instead of sending emails back and forth from the computer, and waiting for the recipient to be at their desk before they can send a reply, most people now have got access to instant communication right there in our pockets. The very first iPhone came out back in 2007, and since then smartphones of all shapes and sizes have come to dominate our lives. Our phones are an essential lifeline to a global network, whether it’s business-related or personal. Chances are you’re probably reading this on your phone, too, as the number of mobile web users has now outstripped their desktop counterparts. Email does still have its place, but it’s been superseded by apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger for faster messages that are simpler to reply to.

Not only has communication become a lot more immediate, but it’s also far more cost-effective, too. Before the rise of smartphones and video apps, companies would spend a considerable chunk of their budget on communications. If you wanted to speak to someone, you had to do so via phone or letter. When it came to doing business with clients overseas, that could prove to be really pricey, what with the cost of long-distance phone calls. Now, though, the internet has made everything so much simpler. Using software like Skype or Google Hangouts, you can easily set up a face-to-face conference call with participants from all over the world- completely free! If you have a quick question to ask, you can send an online message and get a fast response, instead of wasting time and money on making phone calls.

Finally, the changes in the methods we use to communicate have also led to a change in precisely how we communicate. Back in the day, you could expect lengthy emails about even the simplest of topics, as people felt obliged to fill the space given to them in much the same way they would with a letter. Now, though, there’s no need to do that when you’re communicating with someone in real-time, even some business relationships have become a lot less formal due to this shift in style. Conciseness is the order of the day, particularly because that ease of communication means that we often have a lot to keep on top of at once.

As you can see, the business world has been totally transformed by these changes in communication. Nowadays, things are a lot simpler and, most importantly, faster. It seems like the whole world is moving at a much quicker pace thanks to the rise of technology, so as businesses, it’s up to us to match that pace. That way, we won’t fall behind the times, and we can keep on meeting the demands of the present.

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How Digital Marketing Has Changed in the Last 10 Years

Ten years ago, if you’d mentioned SEO to the average business owner, they would probably be left wondering what the hell you were talking about. Nowadays, though, every company needs to be a lot more tech-savvy with their marketing efforts if they want to succeed. That’s not to say that this more complex technology is a bad thing, though- in fact, it’s opened up a world of opportunities for businesses to achieve even greater results with their digital marketing. Let’s explore some of the ways that things have changed in the past decade and the benefits that they can bring to you when used in the right way.

Social Media is King

Back in 2004, Facebook was only just starting to take off. Nowadays, with over a billion active users, it’s safe to say that Facebook has come to dominate not just social media, but the entire internet. Over the same period, Twitter has also grown into an online behemoth, and both of these sites now offer massive potential to businesses. Along with the rise of LinkedIn and Instagram, businesses have a wide array of platforms to advertise and communicate with their customers. Social Media platforms allow you to interact with your customers in real-time and are a great way of carrying out targeted marketing campaigns that can bring incredible results. The rise of social media, and the amount of options out there nowadays, also give you more ways than ever to reach your audience- we’re living in a multi-channel world, so make sure your marketing reflects that reality.


Google was already implementing tools like AdWords back in 2000, but it’s only in the last decade or so that they have turned marketing on its head with their advanced ranking algorithms. They originally rolled these out back in 2004, as a way of stopping people from “cramming” keywords. By taking a more organic approach to search rankings, users are presented with more relevant results- which led to a whole new marketing industry based around keeping up with those algorithms. Search engine optimization, or SEO, has become a cornerstone of digital marketing, and those who don’t use it to its full potential are only going to end up getting left behind.

Advertising is Less Aggressive

Before the internet became such a big deal, a lot of advertisers had no choice but to be extremely aggressive in their marketing. After all, with only a very limited amount of time to grab would-be customers’ attention, and no way of knowing who they were reaching, ads couldn’t be as sophisticated as they are today. Nowadays, though, digital marketing can be used to select an incredibly precise target audience, and crafted around that audience. It’s all about creating content that is genuinely engaging, and since social media allows consumers to talk back to advertisers, things are more interactive than ever. Viral marketing is a great way of building a buzz around your brand, and word of mouth is key to success. In short, the digital era has opened up a whole new world of possibilities- it’s up to businesses to decide which of those possibilities will work best for them.

The Rise of Analytics

Possibly the most important development in digital marketing over the last ten years is the sheer amount of data available to businesses. Analytics let you see exactly what you’re achieving with each campaign, so you can determine your ROI with crystal-clear accuracy. That means you can test a specific ad to see if it gets results before you cough up a large amount of money to roll out the full campaign. This allows advertisers to constantly tweak their message and delivery methods until they’ve found the perfect balance, so it’s easier than ever to come up with the ideal marketing content.

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What Is Social Media Management?

Nowadays, most businesses have social media profiles. After all, it’s an easy way to put information out there and connect with customers. In previous posts, we covered some of the key benefits of social media for businesses. However, it takes more than just throwing your posts out into the digital ether to get the best results. Instead, you need to carefully consider your approach, keep your customers in mind at all times, and put out the perfect content to drive engagement. In short, you need social media management- and if you’re not sure what this is exactly, read on to learn more.

Before you actually get down to the nitty-gritty of social media, it’s vital that you have a clear, in-depth social media strategy to follow. Ideally, it will be built around achieving your goals, whether they might be increasing brand awareness, driving more traffic to your website, or ramp up your sales figures. By knowing the desired end result, your social media manager will be able to craft a unique strategy to get you there. Working from the top down, they’ll create the optimum to-do list to power your social media efforts and really start connecting with your audience. Don’t underestimate the power of social media- when done right, it can bring huge benefits to your business, so it’s important to give it the time and attention such a powerful weapon deserves.

The first thing to be done is to work on your branding and ensure that everything is clear and consistent. After all, you’ll want visitors to all your social media channels to receive the same high-quality experience, and a bit of extra brand recognition goes a long way to stimulating your future growth. You’ll want your brand to do as much work for you as possible, and that means clearly displaying your company’s USP somewhere prominent on your social media profiles. Ideally, that should be your cover photos since this places front-and-centre exactly why customers should choose you over the competition. A well-designed logo should also be your profile picture across all different channels so that it’s immediately obvious who you are.

Another key part of social media management is regularly scheduling posts so that you are always in the public eye. That way, you can get consistent results from your social media efforts and build up a reputation as a leading company within your sector. That schedule should be a part of your overall strategy, and ideally, you’ll want there to be an obvious link between multiple posts. If, for instance, you’re posting a series of articles on a weekly basis, then write on a similar theme for a decent length of time before you move on to a completely different topic. Posting in this way will keep your audience keen for more, helping to ramp up engagement. This should be a key concern throughout your social media campaign, as the best results come from encouraging your audience to actively interact with your company. After all, your business is all about your customers, so it’s up to you to work hard and keep them happy!

That leads us on to our final point- communicating with your audience is a key part of social media management. One of the great things about social media, in general, is the fact that it allows for instant communication, and this is something you must take advantage of. When customers leave comments on your posts, be sure to respond to them, to show that you are a company that cares. This is particularly important with negative feedback, as you want to demonstrate that you’re willing to take active steps to improve your services and any mistakes that might be made along the way. This is what’s known as “reputation management”, and it’s something that we’ll cover in a later blog post. For now, though, make sure that you make your social media channels a two-way street, to drive that essential engagement and start building up a loyal following of customers.

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Top Reasons Why Your Site Needs to Have Live Chat

If you have a site then you will know how important it is for you to engage with your customers at every opportunity you get. You probably think that you do this already, whether it is by phone or by email, but the truth is that this is just not enough, but live chat could be the answer.

Your Audience

Did you know that on average, users spend 59 seconds on a website? That isn’t long enough for them to find your company phone number or even your email address. It is however, long enough for you to try and engage them through live chat, and this could work wonders for your conversion rate.

Customer Experience

Live chat has the highest satisfaction rate when compared to any other point of contact. 73% of customers prefer live chat when compared to speaking on the phone, so it’s safe to say that if your site is not utilising live chat, you are missing out.

It’s all About the Millennials

56% of Millennials prefer live chat to email, and the reason behind this could be because they grew up with the internet, which went on to power things like chat rooms, instant messaging and more. The younger generation of today are the ones who are going to be fuelling your business in the next decade, so it is super important that you take this into account when the time does come for you to reassess your priorities.

So it’s so important that your website has live chat. If you don’t have it then you won’t be providing your customers with the experience that they truly want, and this will harm your conversion rate, your customer satisfaction and even your business potential. With live chat being easier to implement now than ever before, there really is no excuse for you not to try it out for yourself. Also with systems like Messenger Bots, a process like booking an appointment can be handled by a Bot and you just get the information you need for the booking!

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Are You Regular?

Nowadays, nearly every business has some sort of social media presence. The rise of social media has become impossible to ignore, and for that reason, most businesses make use of digital marketing in some way. However, what they aren’t doing is putting in the long-term effort necessary to achieve the best results. They’ll create profiles, post content regularly for perhaps a month or so at most, and then… nothing. That initial stream of content will trickle to a halt, and the profiles will lie dormant, aside from the odd post when the marketing team remember that they exist. Small-to-medium sized businesses tend to be the most guilty of this, since many of them simply won’t have the time to dedicate to large-scale social media campaigns. They assume that to get the most out of social media, they need to make a big splash with massive ideas and campaigns. But in reality, there’s one key factor that most businesses miss out on when it comes to social media, and marketing in general: consistency.

If you want to achieve anything in life, then you need to keep working at it. That’s true for so many things, from putting in time at the gym every day, to keeping your teeth clean and healthy by brushing them regularly. So, naturally, the same thing goes for your marketing. If you only go to the gym once a month, then all the effort in the world will go to waste- you aren’t being consistent enough to achieve real results. That’s true for marketing, too- your customers are much more likely to remember you if they hear from you regularly than if you only put out content once in a blue moon. Makes sense, right? So how come so few companies actually put this method into practice?

The reason is, most businesses think that when it comes to marketing, it’s intensity that counts the most. They believe that only huge marketing campaigns have any hope of success, and so that’s what they focus their time and resources on. Except there’s a problem here- most smaller businesses won’t have the money to keep this approach up for very long. Intensity does bring short-term results, but it’s an expensive attitude to take, and it simply doesn’t fit in with any long-term marketing strategies. Whether it’s social media marketing or other outlets, you need to ensure that there’s a method behind your marketing, and that’s only possible if you’re committed to being consistent.

Not only does consistency with your digital marketing deliver greater results and brand awareness over the long term, it also takes a lot of the pressure off you with creating content, too. Instead of feeling like you have to change the world with every single thing you post, you can take a gentler, more relaxed approach. For instance, one lengthy blog post might provide readers with a lot of information, but it leaves you in a bit of a rut with where to go next. What’s more, in today’s age of the smartphone, we have so many different options open to us that it can be difficult for the average reader to stay focused on something so long. So, not only does that intense, content-heavy post sap your creative juices and lead to a long period of radio silence, it’s also an extremely ineffective way to reach your target audience.

Let’s contrast that with a series of shorter articles that you post on social media over a long period of time. When added together, they may well contain the same amount of information as that longer piece in our last example. However, breaking it up into chunks makes the content a lot easier for your audience to digest, so they’ll come away from it feeling like they’ve learned something of value. They’ll also be hungry for more, and that’s where the other main advantage of consistency over intensity comes into place. Giving your audience regular updates and articles will gradually train them to expect this content from you, and they’ll turn into a loyal core audience who genuinely want to stay up-to-date with your content. The more engaged they are with you, then the more likely they will be to share your content to their own profiles- helping you to reach a larger audience, and saving you money on promoting your posts non-organically.

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to digital marketing, since every company is different. However, when you’ve worked out what method best suits your business, then don’t make the same mistakes as everyone else. Remember that to keep hold of your audience, you have to keep offering them something, and ensure that you’re staying regular with your marketing. That’s not to say that you should compromise on quality and just put out any old rubbish so long as it’s to a schedule, but consistent content is the only way to get real results when it comes to digital marketing.

Of course, it can be tricky to keep coming up with high-quality content on a regular basis, especially if your day-to-day work takes up a lot of your time. That’s why it’s a smart idea to team up with a dedicated marketing team to take care of things for you- and luckily for you, we’re always happy to help new customers! I Want Fish And Chips are on hand to provide your business with the consistent, effective marketing materials and social media content that you need to thrive. We’ll work hard to come up with content that builds a real buzz around your business, and by sticking to a regular schedule, you’ll soon have that crucial loyal following hanging on your every post.


Let’s team up today, and show you just how effective that consistent approach to marketing can be!

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Building Your Brand on Social Media

It’s one of the most powerful marketing tools businesses today have at their disposal. It’s free to use and can help you reach thousands, if not millions, of potential new customers, fans and followers. It’s often also the marketing opportunity that businesses get wrong. If you think social media isn’t working for you at the moment, then changing your approach could make all the difference.

1. Regular Engagement

Consistency is vital on the web and that means having a firm brand identity and a plan for communicating with customers, fans and followers. Regular engagement is important if you want to keep your brand ‘alive’ and in the minds of those who follow you, whether it’s on sites such as Facebook or through the shortened communications of Twitter. It’s not just about throwing tonnes of content out there, however. Consistency in the quality is key.

While you should be looking to post frequent content, it needs to have the quality and the relevance that reflect your brand identity and the needs of your customers. This has to be consistent across different platforms as well, so that your messages stay uniform. Get this right and you will find that readers will engage better and know what to expect from your feeds. 

2. Reach and Authority

Respect is vital on social media and is another big part of building your brand. Creating authority is a difficult thing to achieve if you don’t have a strong brand identity. Know what you stand for and post content that reflects and you will instil a sense of authority for the people who read your posts.

That doesn’t mean you need to be dull when it comes to posting content. In order to attract more followers, you will need to project professionalism in your social media work. Of course, your content can be quirky and weird if it fits with your demographic and your brand. Unorthodox content can be highly popular with a wide range of people. But as you build your brand in social media, you should keep in mind that you should always respect your followers and other social media users. Not doing so can turn off a good part of your audience.

Reach and authority is a complex balancing act and you need to be clear about where you actually stand.

3. How to Be Responsive on Social Media

When getting involved in social media activities, it is important to keep in mind that your main goal should be engagement. Social media offers great opportunities in terms of connecting with readers and potential customers. You are not a static entity throwing out posts and hoping others will pass on your good news. Pretend that you are in a room full of people and your job is to network. That means you have to talk, you have to respond, you have to engage.

When your readers click on, recommend or share your content, your website benefits so it’s worth throwing out a thank you or at least reciprocating by sharing some of their content. And, if someone asks a question, answer them. Readers appreciate when you, as the website author, actively engage in conversation with them.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment. Watch what you competitors are up to and try different approaches and gauge how they work. Social media can deliver success for any business, it’s just a question of finding the right formula that boosts engagement and delivers your brand to your fans and followers.

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The World is in the Palm of your hands….. And so is Your Phone

At the click of a button you can now be at the North Pole on google maps, become the owner of a magnificent 50 inch fully HD TV via Amazon or experience snorkelling in the great barrier reef through you-tube. All of this can happen whilst sitting in the comfort of your own home. In today’s growing app market, any business can create an app, not just the big brand names. Apps create a vital opportunity for a business to be no more than a minute away from consumers. Consequently if you don’t have an app you are at a disadvantage to your competitors.

Engaging with customers on a real level is important in order to gain trust and loyalty. Apps allow you to do this through time, location and other profiled information that customers wish to share. This will then allow you to strategize and target different demographic groups with different information, offers and products. If done right, when your business is at the forefront of a customer’s mind, it is now so simple to just click on the app compared to going to the store or finding the website. From this, if desire is created through the app, these engaged customers can then earn you revenue.

Be Creative and put the Customer First

Having an app gives you an opportunity to be creative, making the shopping experience fun that the customer may otherwise not feel instore. This new level of the business could be through social elements, quick facts or rewards and discounts whilst browsing. Having an app gives you the potential to reach a whole new audience. This means, for those who are unfamiliar with the brand; a good, enticing first impression will hopefully encourage first time purchases.

Customer service is also one of the most important factors of a business as it can give you an identifiable image as well as a competitive advantage. When customers are put first and feel prioritised, sales are likely to follow. Having an app will make communication between you and the customer much simpler for both parties. Live chats cut the need for customers to go through the torture of waiting on hold to call centres but also cuts the cost for the business by reducing its need for one. A customer service operator will also be able to deal with multiple issues at once, something that isn’t possible over the phone. This efficiency is likely to result in a better relationship with the business and client, allowing customer to feel more prioritised. As well as this, being able to deal with issues quickly and efficiently means less negative comments are likely to be posted on websites and social media furthermore securing that necessary quality of customer service.

Persuading Customers to download the app

Apple ‘gift’ is a service on Iphones that could help promote your business, a valuable tool to which no one knows too much about. From the app store, Apple allows you to send a paid app to a fellow iOS user for them to download for free. Mintel suggests that some 28% of mobile users agree that sending an app to a friend or relative is a good gift idea but just 5% have actually done so. If promoted on your app as a small holiday gift idea, it has the potential to improve the awareness of your company drastically. This can then go on for those participants who are stuck on ideas for presents to go on and use your products.

According to Mintel app store ratings are only the third most influential factor when downloading an app with only 12% of mobile users ranking as their number one influence. The most commonly used factor is recommendations from friends and family. These will be people that already own the app so it is imperative to make the right impression to get the recommendations. It is important to note criticism is just as easy to arise as recommendations and so it’s vital that these criticisms are dealt immediately to maintain customer satisfaction.

It’s easy. From big name brands to small start-up companies, all you need is creative thinking and smart planning to be on your way to having your own mobile app, and providing yourself with that vital competitive advantage.

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Marketing Today: The Power Tools That Help SMEs Succeed

Go back just twenty or so years and you would need a sizeable budget to undertake any meaningful marketing initiative. Now, small and medium sized businesses, start-ups and large corporations can all develop strategies and use powerful marketing tools at a much lower cost. This access has a led to a rise in entrepreneurs with many of us having the confidence to go out there and think a little bigger when it comes to business development.

Website Development

At the heart of marketing for most businesses is the company website. These have become interactive multi-media sites with images, blog posts, video promotions and a whole host of engaging content that performs well on search engines and attracts visitors from areas such as social media. It’s one of the key areas that businesses have to get right and that means being up to date with keywords, tags, meta-descriptions, site maps and outbound/inbound linking to name just a few SEO friendly strategies. The good news is that websites are relatively easy and cheap to set up. Get it right and you have a central powerhouse from which to operate your business online.

Social Media

Love it or loathe it, social media has exploded in the last five to ten years. It’s one of the most potent tools in your marketing armoury and is cheap to use. The only important caveat is that you have to put in the hard yards to make it a success. That means strong marketing strategies that encourage fans and followers to engage. Social media can be used to reach new markets, attract visitors to your website and allows you to spread your net across the entire globe.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Another marketing channel that has evolved over the years and has become a lot more nuanced is pay per click advertising on social media and search engines. These can now reach a highly specific demographic through the use of simple to use filters that can sort for age, gender, location, interest and other parameters. Businesses can tailor their budget to produce measurable and impactful campaigns which actually work.

Marketing Measurement

Without knowing what the results of any marketing campaign mean, you won’t learn from your mistakes or be able to replicate success. Businesses can now get high quality metrics at the touch of a button which measure, for instance, how well a particular social media message works, whether a landing page is performing to expectations or which of your blog posts attracts the most attention. Metrics give businesses the opportunity to develop their marketing strategy and change the things that don’t work while focusing more on the ones that do. Not only is this measurement of performance available at the touch of a button, it is updated in real-time which means you always have up to date statistics.

It’s all very well having these tools at our fingertips. It’s an entirely different matter getting the best out them. Businesses often don’t make the most of platforms such as social media simply because they don’t how they work or, more specifically, how it can be leveraged better. The other major issue is how you integrate all the different tools so that they work together and send the same brand message.

You need to have a marketing strategy that works for your business in today’s competitive world, with a clear insight on how all these helpful building blocks come together to make a coherent whole. Get it right and you can expect your business to grow as customers engage, spread the word and buy more.

If you need any help with your social media or online marketing please pop your details in our contact us  page and we will get in contact with you to help!

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The Importance of an Online Presence

So, why has an online presence suddenly become vital for the success of a business?

Mintel suggests that the social network market is approaching market saturation which in itself has many threats but for us creates many opportunities. With more people than ever on social media, the penetration of the social network market has reached over 80% of the UK population. According to Mintel, this helped Facebook more than triple its daily active users from 327million in 2010 to over a billion in 2015. Therefore online usage is at its peak allowing greater exposer for online marketing campaigns and more importantly your business.

With more and more people active on social media more channels are available for you to use to connect with your customers and potential customers. Only recently Snapchat jumped ahead of Twitter for number of daily users.

5 opportunities for being active on social media includes:

  • The ability to target different demographic groups to show a greater accessibility towards branded content.
  • Creates second-degree exposure through re-posts and online reactions to offline ads.
  • Improved customer service and the ability to solve issues through the medium of social networks which produces shorter response times and query-handling costs.
  • The ability to deal with issues by instant message which decreases the likely hood of complaints being posted publicly leading to a better and more personal brand image.
  • Integrate with your offline marketing campaign to amplify your message.

Managing online accounts is a daily routine for businesses but there often isn’t enough time to do it effectively. This is where we come in. We work with a range of clients from estate agents, franchise business brokers and retail outlets to name a few, I Want Fish and Chips is changing the way businesses are using digital marketing to communicate effectively with a variety of customers. With over 113880 hours experience in marketing, we strive to create the perfect online marketing strategy that is unique to each client’s needs. This ranges from managing social media accounts, graphic design and developing websites. All of these are key to communicating with modern day consumers and keep at the forefront of minds.

If you need any help with your social media or online marketing please pop your details in our contact us  page and we will get in contact with you to help! Also if you are looking to save time on your social media we have a great tool which is like Hootsuite and Buffer which can do this for you! Just CLICK HERE and save time on your social media!

How to Engage on Social Media

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, engaging on social media is more than just posting details of your latest product and hoping people will visit your site. The businesses that succeed on social media are the ones who engage at a much deeper level.

Imagine being at a party. If you are continually talking about yourself, by the end of the evening you’re likely to be Billy no mates sat in the corner on your own. Conversations usually work both ways. And the same goes for social media. It’s about engagement and community. It’s not all about selling, although that is the main objective.

The Only Tool You Need is a Smartphone

It’s so much easier to engage with social media if you have the right tool to do it. The smartphone is perfectly designed for this kind of thing. Download your chosen social media app and check it regularly, while you’re in the office or on the move. You can even access it while on holiday abroad. A quick update here and there as you go through your day means your social media account remains alive and kicking.

Commit to Your Social Media Platform

When you set up your business on a social media platform you need to commit to it. That means growing your presence and attracting fans and followers. The two main ones that businesses generally go for are Twitter and Facebook. The trick is not to overstretch yourself with too many choices and commit to the platform or platforms you have chosen 100%.

Grow Your Following

Part of the key to a successful social media account is growing your following. Try to do this holistically and with a good deal of thought. Don’t follow people en masse in the hope of getting impressive numbers. Join social media groups related to your business and chat to people there who are interested in the same thing. One interested and engaged person is worth a hundred randomly chosen followers who won’t even notice your posts.

Be Less Automated

It’s tempting with all the other things that you have going on in your business to go for a little automation. This can work on occasion and many businesses do it. When someone follows them they send out an automatic message thanking them, for example. If you can send a personal message so much the better.

Post Interesting Stuff

When it comes to posting on your timeline, make it interesting for your followers. Businesses that constantly push their own products and nothing else rarely achieve success. If there are news items that will be of interest to your fans and followers, then let them know. Social media also works well in combination with informative blog posts. Include an image to attract more attention.

Reply to Queries

If someone contacts you on social media, then reply in person. It sounds simple but it’s one mistake that businesses often make. People don’t really like to be ignored, so you’ll be making them feel good by replying. If you can provide a great answer to their query all the better.

Retweet/Share More Interesting Stuff

Don’t be afraid of retweeting other people’s posts. Many businesses think it takes focus away from them but it is a great way of building relationships online. If you retweet or share, people are much more likely to reciprocate when you post something yourself. That can give you a much wider reach beyond your own followers.

Like most marketing tools, social media is largely about finding what works for you. Discover the right strategy that gets your brand out there and it can be a powerful way of engaging with customers and attracting new ones. It can enhance your reputation and set you up as leader in your field or industry. Yes, that takes a lot of work. But the dividends are worth it in the end.

If you need any help with your social media please pop your details in our contact us  page and we will get in contact with you to help! Also if you are looking to save time on your social media we have a great tool which is like Hootsuite and Buffer which can do this for you! Just CLICK HERE and save time on your social media!